Just a few things I am very keen on buying for myself because I am doing some Spring Cleaning and I would like nice clothes.

Have Heart is a classic hardcore band who broke up years ago and I need a decent and warm hoodie to wear when I'm chilling out so this is really nice looking.

Cotton On Socks - $2AUD
Just cause, cute cheap socks. Cotton On socks are really comfy with good material. I already own a pair very similar to these except a different print.

These Shorts I found on Polyvore - $21AUD

I don't know the name of these shorts or the brand but I found them whilst I was snooping through my Polyvore feed and it looks like a dressier version of gym shorts which seems to have thin, breathable material which would be good for the hotter months.

I am in desperate need of new sneakers and not only are these ones cute and seem breathable because of the mesh material, but they're vegan due to this model having no leather material. I have discovered it's pretty hard to find pretty runners that don't have leather.

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