I thought it would be a good idea to start keeping my music favorites on record. Every month I'd like to share what I have been listening to in that period of time with the reason why I like the track/album/artist whatever and etc. Hopefully this turns out alright, please leave feedback to help me improve!

Artist: Tonight Alive
Album Title: The Other Side
Favourite Track: The Other Side
Rating: 6/10

I've seen Tonight Alive live about two times and their sound is pretty identical to their studio recordings which rule. I started getting into them late 2011 with their release of 'What Are You So Scared Of?' and got my tick of approval once I found out one of their tracks (Thank You & Goodnight) had Mark Hoppus doing guest vocals. I saw them when they toured Soundwave 2012 and then they did a tour a few months later and I saw them at Corner Hotel.

With this new album, The Other Side which was released pretty recently in 2013 is seems different to what they usually do. Don't Wish has some weird Amity Affliction like intro but my favourite song at current time is The Other Side because it's such typical pop lyrics.

Artist: The Amity Affliction
Album Title: Chasing Ghosts
Favourite Track: Open Letter
Rating: 9/10

Already breaking my own rules by mentioning something that I didn't listen to at all in the month of September but I just remembered how great this album is after reflecting about this time last year when I saw them live at Palace Theater.

A lot of intense Amity fans say this album is shit compare to their past releases but I was never really a crazy Amity Affliction fan only until this album came out. This album is pretty dark mostly talking about death and life and suicide (real shit) but during the time this was released and I was listening to this I knew someone who recently passed, although I hardly knew the person it was comforting while my family were grieving.


Seeing them live last year in early October was such a good show, I don't even mind paying $60 for them. I saw two other bands that I were really into during that time (Architects & The Ghost Inside). Every time I listen to this album is so nostalgic because it was quite emotional and their last song (Open Letter) they released confetti and it was the coolest touch. (check out the video above recorded at one of Melbourne's shows on that tour, 10/10 for live performance)

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