Being dying to try the NYX soft matte lip cream but due to not being easily accessible at the moment I would love to try Australis new release with pretty much the exact same concept. What appears to be a true red colour would be the perfect product to add to my tiny lip collection.

Another Australis product from their new releases. This concealer promises full-on coverage which will cover my extremely hard to tame dark circles.

I've never really wanted anything badly from benefit because I didn't really get the hype but this kit looks so cute and I'm interested in the 'POREfessional' primer and Hello Flawless Foundation.

Soap & Glory products smell so damn good. I haven't smelt this myself but reviews say it smells delicious. I just ran out of my last body scrub and I feel like I need a new one.

A dupe for Urban Decay Naked Palette except cheaper, probably not as good quality and this company doesn't test on animals. I have absolutely no eyeshadows and I would enjoy neutral tones.


I am still rusty in this 'wants' series I am doing at the end of every month for the next month, please bare with me I am trying to see what works here. I quickly did this one when I am really meant to be doing assignments due at the end of the week and next week after Melbourne Cup Weekend. I am already half way through my music favourites I couldn't help but start in the middle of the month because I had a few favourites that stood out. So I hope you enjoy this month's fashion wants, pretty rushed, but whatever.

This looks very busy with all the prints, I personally am not a fan of satanism/black magic and whatever is on this shirt personally but I really like the look of it, would be good for a dress.

Always wanted something that is chic and very sophisticated. I wouldn't get this exact product, but something similar would be nice to wear to special occasions.

River Island Pale Blue Denim Molly Jeggings - $34AUD (At River Island) 
In desperate need for new jeans that aren't black. I don't want jeggings, but comfortable skinny jeans with this colour is all I ask. There's something similar at Cotton on but whenever I go into my store it's either not there, or someone is in the way.

I've wanted HUF socks for awhile and these ones are so cute, but unfortunately my mum would not allow me to wear these, especially not in public. Maybe when I move out? lol

Random pick but this is so pretty with the picture and hot pink outline. Wouldn't buy this unless I was super rich and if I was, I don't know where I'd use this for.

MUSIC: Front Porch Step - Drown

Front Porch Step (aka Jake Mcelfresh) received great attention mid-last year on the internet with his song 'Island of the Misfit Boy' with his passionate lyrics, then later signed with Pure Noise.

Front Porch Step's newest song 'Drown', from his 11-track full length album 'Aware' coming out November 12th was released onto Youtube yesterday (24th October) onto his label's channel, Pure Noise Records.

You can now pre-order his album off Pure Noise's Store on LP, CD with a variety of different bundles including shirts, crewnecks, posters. 


Halloween is in six days! Unfortunately in Australia we aren't really into Halloween, the only people who get into the season is stores that sell odd Halloween sales, & kids who watch too much american TV. When I was younger I use to try and get into the spirit but it's hard going trick or treating when no one in the neighbourhood is prepared and have no lollies (my house is guilty). Buttt, if you're going to a party or something for Halloween here is a casual and cute outfit I'd go for. 

Unfortunately not Vegan (suede) but super cute that will help pull off that cheerleader look.

This affordable cheerleading shirt will have a great fit and available in a variety of colours.

Warm, cute socks to enlighten the spirit 

To match your shirt, also avaliable in a variety of colours.

I always include Victoria's Secret Mists although I've never smelt any of them, I just know they smell great.


Rumors spreading around the internet that supposedly NYX Cosmetics is planning to be sold on Australian Land, in Target! Only article I've seen as of late is this one right here. Obviously the products will be dearer than prices overseas, but it is still a massive deal! Check out NYX Cosmetics' US website to view the wide range of their products.

SKINCARE: Treating Body Acne

Whether it be on your back or your chest or even your BUTT, at some point you have had body acne. Proper treatment of body acne will help decrease the chance of it getting worse and acne scarring.

1. Ecopure Bath Detox Loofah Brush - $14.99AUD (At Priceline) 
Something with bristles on a long stick is a good choice considering it's kind of hard to comfortably move a loofah sponge around your back without getting a cramp or not doing a good job. Slightly moisten the brush (or you can leave it dry) and scrub off any dead skin cells.

2. Original Source Lavender & Tea Tree Shower Gel - $1.99AUD (At Chemist Warehouse) 

The Lavender and Tea Tree in this shower gel helps fight acne and cleans your skin removing dirt and any bacteria.

3. Sukin Foaming Facial Cleanser - $7.69AUD (At Chemist Warehouse) 
I am quite aware this is a facial cleanser but I use it on my body lately and it rules because it has Witch Hazel and Aloe Vera which helps with acne! I mix both the Original Source Shower Gel and Sukin Facial Cleanser onto the loofah and rub off all that gross shit on me (oh yeah, I do this all in the shower)

Once out of the shower I wait for my skin to dry, whether it be air dry or towel dry (maybe air dry, towel dry might irritate the skin. I don't know, I'm not your mother do whatever.) Then I spray this toner onto the area of problematic skin.

5. Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Medicated Gel For Acne - $10.99AUD (At Chemist Warehouse)
Ok, after reading all this you must see a pattern of Tea Tree. Sorry, Tea Tree is just really good for acne. After the toner has dried apply a pea sized amount of gel to the effected area, or if it's pretty intense - pea sized amount for each individual blemish.

Remember, this will help treat it. To prevent body acne maybe wear breathable, non-tight clothing and please wash yourself frequently.


Apart of my Breast Cancer Awareness Month deal, why not show your awareness by wearing pink? All these cruelty-free brands (not including HUF) have cute, vibrant pink toned products to show off your knowledge secretly.

1. Natio Blushing Rose Blusher Palette - $20AUD 
A variety of four different pink blushes from Natio can give you different looks throughout October to spread awareness. Plus, Natio mirrors are really good - just saying.

2. HUF Plantlife Crew Socks in Pink/White - $12AUD
I've wanted these socks for ages but my family probably wouldn't allow me wearing cannabis on my socks so. If you can buy these, they're really cute and girly.

3. Illamasqua Intense Lipgloss in Indulge - $23AUD
Indulge in this barbie-like pink lip gloss from Illamasqua, it comes in a very decent size tube with applicator and will probably make you look like a 10 year old. Or maybe you can pull it off because I really can't pull off a bright pink lip.

4. Victoria's Secret Travel Size Body Lotion in Pure Seduction - $4.25AUD
Smell like Breast Cancer awareness with this nice pink packaged lotion from Victoria's Secret. Never tried it for myself but I've heard everything in Victoria's Secret smells delicious.


So I've done my Fashion Wants for October, now it's my beauty wants (if you haven't noticed, 4 out of 5 of the products are E.L.F lol) Ever since I've found where I could purchase e.l.f to Australia I am addicted because it's so cheap and great quality.

In need for a new foundation since I threw my Maybelline SuperStay 24HR Makeup once I decided I was going Cruelty-Free last year and I am stuck using a Garnier BB Cream (which is not cruelty-free) because I can't find a good foundation/BB Cream for my skin. This foundation is Oil Free and has SPF 15 which would be great for summer.

Another E.l.f Foundation I want because it claims to fight acne. I have bad acne at the moment and this foundation has Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera & Salicylic Acid to help with the acne while also covering them up.

Seeing swatches of this NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream it has a nice finish with nice colours.

I've heard these E.l.f Studio Brush Set is very soft and doesn't shed compare to the other brush line they have. I don't mind spending $50 bucks on the 11 piece brush set because they're synthetic and I think I'll get a lot of use out of them.

I've never been the type of girl to use eyeshadows because I actually suck at applying it and I end up looking like a hot mess when I try, but these baked eyeshadows are so nice looking and I wouldn't mind trying them out. Even if I fail at putting it on, I guess one of my skilled eyeshadow applying friends can help me.