My first ever empties post and I don't have an impressive amount of products for my first time, but I want to test out this kind of post and see if I like how I format it.

My second tube of this and I love how it feels on my skin but I didn't see much of an improvement on my weird, large amount of acne I have mainly on my forehead. I will repurchase because it is natural but at the moment I am testing out other types of acne medication.

Whoops, another acne treatment. I stopped using this for a few months and went onto the tea tree gel, but now I have moved back to test it out and I believe it's working. I apply it by putting some product onto a Q-tip (extreme sanitation) and apply it to the main mother pimples (fuck this sounds gross). I already have another box awaiting it's use.

This product not only smells good and is extremely cheap (when on sale at Chemist Warehouse), it lasted me forEVERR. Honestly, me and my sister were both using it daily and during the last few weeks I was putting a ridiculous amount of it on my loofah to finish it up, but it kept going. I finally finished it and I will repurchased once I finish the hundred other shower gels I have to use.