Halloween is in six days! Unfortunately in Australia we aren't really into Halloween, the only people who get into the season is stores that sell odd Halloween sales, & kids who watch too much american TV. When I was younger I use to try and get into the spirit but it's hard going trick or treating when no one in the neighbourhood is prepared and have no lollies (my house is guilty). Buttt, if you're going to a party or something for Halloween here is a casual and cute outfit I'd go for. 

Unfortunately not Vegan (suede) but super cute that will help pull off that cheerleader look.

This affordable cheerleading shirt will have a great fit and available in a variety of colours.

Warm, cute socks to enlighten the spirit 

To match your shirt, also avaliable in a variety of colours.

I always include Victoria's Secret Mists although I've never smelt any of them, I just know they smell great.

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