I am still rusty in this 'wants' series I am doing at the end of every month for the next month, please bare with me I am trying to see what works here. I quickly did this one when I am really meant to be doing assignments due at the end of the week and next week after Melbourne Cup Weekend. I am already half way through my music favourites I couldn't help but start in the middle of the month because I had a few favourites that stood out. So I hope you enjoy this month's fashion wants, pretty rushed, but whatever.

This looks very busy with all the prints, I personally am not a fan of satanism/black magic and whatever is on this shirt personally but I really like the look of it, would be good for a dress.

Always wanted something that is chic and very sophisticated. I wouldn't get this exact product, but something similar would be nice to wear to special occasions.

River Island Pale Blue Denim Molly Jeggings - $34AUD (At River Island) 
In desperate need for new jeans that aren't black. I don't want jeggings, but comfortable skinny jeans with this colour is all I ask. There's something similar at Cotton on but whenever I go into my store it's either not there, or someone is in the way.

I've wanted HUF socks for awhile and these ones are so cute, but unfortunately my mum would not allow me to wear these, especially not in public. Maybe when I move out? lol

Random pick but this is so pretty with the picture and hot pink outline. Wouldn't buy this unless I was super rich and if I was, I don't know where I'd use this for.