SKINCARE: Treating Body Acne

Whether it be on your back or your chest or even your BUTT, at some point you have had body acne. Proper treatment of body acne will help decrease the chance of it getting worse and acne scarring.

1. Ecopure Bath Detox Loofah Brush - $14.99AUD (At Priceline) 
Something with bristles on a long stick is a good choice considering it's kind of hard to comfortably move a loofah sponge around your back without getting a cramp or not doing a good job. Slightly moisten the brush (or you can leave it dry) and scrub off any dead skin cells.

2. Original Source Lavender & Tea Tree Shower Gel - $1.99AUD (At Chemist Warehouse) 

The Lavender and Tea Tree in this shower gel helps fight acne and cleans your skin removing dirt and any bacteria.

3. Sukin Foaming Facial Cleanser - $7.69AUD (At Chemist Warehouse) 
I am quite aware this is a facial cleanser but I use it on my body lately and it rules because it has Witch Hazel and Aloe Vera which helps with acne! I mix both the Original Source Shower Gel and Sukin Facial Cleanser onto the loofah and rub off all that gross shit on me (oh yeah, I do this all in the shower)

Once out of the shower I wait for my skin to dry, whether it be air dry or towel dry (maybe air dry, towel dry might irritate the skin. I don't know, I'm not your mother do whatever.) Then I spray this toner onto the area of problematic skin.

5. Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Medicated Gel For Acne - $10.99AUD (At Chemist Warehouse)
Ok, after reading all this you must see a pattern of Tea Tree. Sorry, Tea Tree is just really good for acne. After the toner has dried apply a pea sized amount of gel to the effected area, or if it's pretty intense - pea sized amount for each individual blemish.

Remember, this will help treat it. To prevent body acne maybe wear breathable, non-tight clothing and please wash yourself frequently.