Apart of my Breast Cancer Awareness Month deal, why not show your awareness by wearing pink? All these cruelty-free brands (not including HUF) have cute, vibrant pink toned products to show off your knowledge secretly.

1. Natio Blushing Rose Blusher Palette - $20AUD 
A variety of four different pink blushes from Natio can give you different looks throughout October to spread awareness. Plus, Natio mirrors are really good - just saying.

2. HUF Plantlife Crew Socks in Pink/White - $12AUD
I've wanted these socks for ages but my family probably wouldn't allow me wearing cannabis on my socks so. If you can buy these, they're really cute and girly.

3. Illamasqua Intense Lipgloss in Indulge - $23AUD
Indulge in this barbie-like pink lip gloss from Illamasqua, it comes in a very decent size tube with applicator and will probably make you look like a 10 year old. Or maybe you can pull it off because I really can't pull off a bright pink lip.

4. Victoria's Secret Travel Size Body Lotion in Pure Seduction - $4.25AUD
Smell like Breast Cancer awareness with this nice pink packaged lotion from Victoria's Secret. Never tried it for myself but I've heard everything in Victoria's Secret smells delicious.