CHRISTMAS: Gifts for the Girls

Christmas is around the corner and gifts are always thoughtful for either a close friend, sister, or significant other. So I've quickly collected a few items that would be a nice thought. Most are reasonably priced and CF (some products may contain honey).

I have one Mor candle and this may be weird, but I touch the melted wax and it is so smooth because of the soy.

Traveling sized sets are great for testing out things without spending more money on the full size, and it's a great introduction to a brand for the person you're giving it to.

Limited edition Blush is great for winter and although it's expensive for a small thing.

Cheaper alternative to the Naked Pallette, great for someone starting out with makeup or someone who likes netural looks.

Sweet smelling Snow Fairy Shower Gel is avaliable in a variety of sizes, starting as low as 100g for $9.95


Every couple of months I decide to make a Cotton On order to restock on some things (mostly stuff in the 'Sale' section) and aim to get the total over $50 so I can get free shipping so all of this (and some small things that aren't shown and I didn't list) costed me around $55 dollars. 


My first ever empties post and I don't have an impressive amount of products for my first time, but I want to test out this kind of post and see if I like how I format it.

My second tube of this and I love how it feels on my skin but I didn't see much of an improvement on my weird, large amount of acne I have mainly on my forehead. I will repurchase because it is natural but at the moment I am testing out other types of acne medication.

Whoops, another acne treatment. I stopped using this for a few months and went onto the tea tree gel, but now I have moved back to test it out and I believe it's working. I apply it by putting some product onto a Q-tip (extreme sanitation) and apply it to the main mother pimples (fuck this sounds gross). I already have another box awaiting it's use.

This product not only smells good and is extremely cheap (when on sale at Chemist Warehouse), it lasted me forEVERR. Honestly, me and my sister were both using it daily and during the last few weeks I was putting a ridiculous amount of it on my loofah to finish it up, but it kept going. I finally finished it and I will repurchased once I finish the hundred other shower gels I have to use.


After work I decided to spend some cash on things I've been eyeing. I've been in need for more jewelry lately because my outfits are always really plain, and all the jewelry I own are now ruined. So I went to Kmart and picked up a few things. 

3 Pair Gold Hoops - $2
Channeling my inner-wog with these semi-thick gold hoop earrings, not only were they insanely inexpensive they have a variety of sizes.

Gold Chain with Plate - $7
Needed a new gold chain since the $15 dollar one I got from Diva turned silver and green. A reasonable price and it's heavy unlike the Diva one which was lightweight and very plastic.

2X100 Pack of Makeup Remover Pads - $2
I am almost out of my priceline makeup remover pads and these are probably cheaper than the Priceline branded ones (2X100 is $4.99). Not Jewelry, but a necessity. 



Artist: Drake

Album Title: Nothing Was the Same
Favourite Track: Too Much
Rating: 8/10

After I realised Drake was Jimmy from Degrassi I listened to a few of his songs like Girls Love Beyonce & Shut it Down.

On this album it features his single ‘Hold On, We’re Going Home’. I will give the music video a 3/5 because I wasn't impressed with A$AP Rocky’s acting (his speaking part was alright, but his ‘distressed, worried’ face isn't believable) and the cute dude from 21 Jump Street (2012 Movie) with the dangly earring was a nice touch, the similarity with 21 Jump Street and this music video is the earring guy died pretty early. I believe the story line of the music video was not really relevant and I think Drake just wanted to use big guns. But yeah, good album to sing to.


Artist: Saviour
Album Title: First Light To My Death Bed 
Favourite Track: Jaded
Rating: 8/10

After discovering Saviour early last year I sort of fan girled over them until I saw them in May last year. But I downloaded their last album which I love, but once this album was released into stores I bought it at JB-HI FI the first day. I do enjoy it, Jaded and Morning are my favourites so far. 

Saviour also got signed by UNFD (Popular Post-Hardcore Label in Australia) which was a great achievement and I am missing out on their AA Melbourne show on Saturday (2 November) because I have work :-(.


Artist: The Weeknd 
Album Title: Trilogy, The Noise EP, Thursday, House of Balloons etc.
Favourite Track: Wicked Games, Material Girl, Do It
Rating: 9/10

I knew about the weekend for a while but never really got into him until the past few months because he kept popping up on my spotify, either featured in one of Drake's songs or a recommended artist. I downloaded his discography but I haven't gotten his latest album Kiss Land

The reason why I have Trilogy as the artwork featured is due to the amount of tracks in the 3-disc including remastered older tracks from past releases such as House of Balloons & Thursday.