CHRISTMAS: Gifts for the Girls

Christmas is around the corner and gifts are always thoughtful for either a close friend, sister, or significant other. So I've quickly collected a few items that would be a nice thought. Most are reasonably priced and CF (some products may contain honey).

I have one Mor candle and this may be weird, but I touch the melted wax and it is so smooth because of the soy.

Traveling sized sets are great for testing out things without spending more money on the full size, and it's a great introduction to a brand for the person you're giving it to.

Limited edition Blush is great for winter and although it's expensive for a small thing.

Cheaper alternative to the Naked Pallette, great for someone starting out with makeup or someone who likes netural looks.

Sweet smelling Snow Fairy Shower Gel is avaliable in a variety of sizes, starting as low as 100g for $9.95

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