After work I decided to spend some cash on things I've been eyeing. I've been in need for more jewelry lately because my outfits are always really plain, and all the jewelry I own are now ruined. So I went to Kmart and picked up a few things. 

3 Pair Gold Hoops - $2
Channeling my inner-wog with these semi-thick gold hoop earrings, not only were they insanely inexpensive they have a variety of sizes.

Gold Chain with Plate - $7
Needed a new gold chain since the $15 dollar one I got from Diva turned silver and green. A reasonable price and it's heavy unlike the Diva one which was lightweight and very plastic.

2X100 Pack of Makeup Remover Pads - $2
I am almost out of my priceline makeup remover pads and these are probably cheaper than the Priceline branded ones (2X100 is $4.99). Not Jewelry, but a necessity.