2013 is coming to a end and I decided to share my Top 4 Tracks of 2013 and although there are so many releases I've been listening to this year, I find myself listening to these the most so enjoy this quick read.

I am a Iggy Fan. I love Iggy. She is so genuine and so inspiring and this song reflects her past and how she became the person she is today. It's super catchy and my favourite single that she released this year.

Guilty Pleasure song number 1. Honestly I listen to this song almost everyday once his album came out but I didn't see this music video until Seth Rogen & James Franco mocked it and I should of probably linked their video because it's heaps better. 

Citizen released their first debut full-length album, 'Youth' this year and it is amazing. I even wrote a creative piece in English inspired by How Does It Feel? The Night I Drove Alone (v lame I know)

Drake, Drake, Drake. I love you and this song, and your new album. I keep watching Degrassi: The Next Generation these holidays and he's getting to me. I know these lyrics off by heart and it's my jam. 

REVIEW: Australis Go Camo Concealer

Recently, Australis released a bunch of new products in a variety of categories such as eyes, lips, face etc and one of the products that caught my eye was this concealer. I will admit, I was intrigued by the name and packaging of camo but I didn't see many reviews so I didn't buy it straight away. But I did a yolo moment and bought it at the 50% off Online Sale Australis was having for a few hours. Anyway, enough back story, I'll talk about this concealer performance wise now.

The Go Camo Concealer comes in three different shades (Light, Medium & Dark) which I guess is pretty basic. The concealer also claims to be 'full on coverage' which I guess I believe. But I do not suggest putting it on your eyelids or even your under eyes (those were my main intentions for buying this product).

First time I used this I discovered it was quite hard to blend. When I apply any concealer I usually put the product onto the parts I want to cover, then blend. I did this, and it could barely move and it stayed straight put on my skin. I guess this is good for staying power and I guess you have to blend straight away. It also looked powdery around my eyes and I had to start my makeup again so I suggest using it to cover imperfections on cheeks/chin/forehead. 

  • Full on Coverage
  • Can Build Up
  • Three Shades available
  • Decent Packaging 

  • Hard to Blend
  • Crease on eyes
  • looks cakey
  • looks powdery if setting powder is applied on top


I really dislike the finish this gives on any part of my skin and I'm still trying to figure out how to get a smooth finish. Even my Natio Primer doesn't help much. Maybe mixing it with a moisturizer? I really hope I find a way to work with this concealer and get a smooth finish (the finish I predicted - maybe use a sponge?) because I was so excited to try it out and I'm left disappointed. Luckily I didn't buy it full price.


I just went to Woolworths (AKA Safeway, some people still call it that). Anyway, I went with my parents and bought basic food stuff whatever. I am not the food hauler type (not yet anyway), I did include some snacks but that's about it. BTW, all these items were on special so that is why they are such a good price. 

Lately I've been interested in fake tan from Le Tan because they're an affordable Australian brand, I didn't want to jump into real fake tan yet and this has SPF, it was on special and it is a good sized bottle. 

Never tried this one before, I'm assuming it will either be somewhat good, or shit. The combo is kind of wrong. 

I bought two, because 2 for $2. I've had these before and they're good from what I remember. 

The cute packaging and strawberry cheesecake intrigued me and I saw the special ticket underneath it saying it was $1.50 so I thought I might try it. I just ate it, and it was pretty good. Has some cookie pieces inside. I would recommend. (*The link for this is linked for the block, I couldn't find the bar on the website*)

We bought some other things for the house that aren't shown in the picture like 3 Original Source handwashes: Raspberry & Vanilla (which makes your hand smell like a pop tart), Mint and Shea & Honey. They were $1.99 each on special so we stocked up on more. 

CHRISTMAS: Gifts for the Guys

Continuing my Gifts series to get everyone ready for Christmas, I decided it was time for a 'for him' post. Just letting you know, I don't have a boyfriend, but iffff I did, this is some of the things I would get him (Number 1 & 2 mostly). But this can be for brothers, fathers, nephews, boyfriends whatever male (or female who likes male things). 

GTA is a very popular gaming series and the latest game, GTA 5 is a great gift for guys who like to play on their xbox or PS3. If you think Grand Theft Auto won't spark the interest for person you are buying a present for, there are other new releases such as Call Of Duty: Ghosts & Batman: Arkham Orgins or even research a game that you think will appeal to them.

Roshe Runs are by far the most appealing Nikes at the moment in my opinion, and I love them so much because majority of the styles are vegan friendly. You can buy roshes with suede, the ones shown above are made from synthetic materials with no animal products and come in a variety of colours (depends what's in stores ATM) 

I got a Ecopure gift set last year for christmas and it is a pretty good brand, unfortunately I've never used the Ecopure Man Range (maybe because I'm a girl) but this is a great gift for travelling and I'm pretty sure the bag included is faux material and unfortunately I cannot find a ecopure page to ask. (I am only assuming because it's a no animal testing brand) 

Great gift idea when you don't know what to get someone but don't want to give them just cash. I love getting JB gift cards so I can get a album I've been wanting or a DVD.

I still don't know if it's offensive to give skincare products to someone as a present because if someone gave something to me, I'd assume they thought I have bad skin (I do, but whatever). Probably best to give this to a brother who is in a bad skin period so you can joke about it afterwards because you care about his wellbeing. 

CHRISTMAS: Gifts for the young Girls

Having trouble of what to get young girls aged 3-12? I got you covered gurl (or boi), after looking through stores and working in retail, I know what is popular, I know what these crazy chicks need (or what I want) so check out these picks I got for the stereotype, girly girl in the pre-teen phase. 

Probably the most inexpensive (dirt cheap, really) product on this post. Perfect little thought for any age, in a variety of four 'flavours' and colours, it's great for a stocking filler. IMO, it doesn't actually taste like strawberry cheesecake but the colour that it gives is really cute and has a bit of glitter.

My work just got a massive amount of Barbie DVDs in stock, a few being Christmas themed and this seems the most generic and most enjoyable for any young girl. Maybe aged 4+? I reckon the end of Barbie phase is 11. But I'm pretty sure even now, no matter how old you are, everyone still enjoys a classic Barbie DVD. And there's like 15435 out there, take your pick. Doesn't have to be holiday themed.

Any person who has a Polaroid Camera is pretty cool, imagine how happy when a girl opens up her present to a cute pastel colour Polaroid Camera? I would probably lose my shit. It's also avaliable in a variety of cute pastel colours, depending on stores. 

You have no idea how much I wanted a Walkie Talkie or one of those SMS wireless text messengers that comes in a pack of two, and you give one to your friend and you can text each other. Unfortunately I can't find a Australian website that sells one of them, so this Walkie Talkie must do. It's so cool and I've never had a Walkie Talkie before, surely anyone enjoys using one.

Working in a place where I sell CDs, DVDs and anything in the 'Home Entertainment' section, I am beginning to realise all these parents buying this album for their kids and going on about how much their 8 year old loves One Direction. I'm generalising here and I'm assuming all 8 year old girls love 1D, maybe not? I probably wouldn't if I was them. But I guess you can find out what the girl you're buying for likes. I liked Blink-182 when I was 8, if that helps...


So last friday (November 29th), Australis had a 50% Sale Online for only one day, 4-9pm. So I picked up a couple of items that I've been waiting to try. I was interested in the CC Cream but there was a mix up when ordering so I ended up getting Make-up Finishing Spritz ($14.95) & Go Camo Concealer ($11.95), hopefully I can make some reviews. I also got a free Australis Mineral Blush Brush (not shown) because you get one with every online purchase, I think I might give it to my mum or a friend considering it's made from goat hair and I'm a bit weird about that stuff. 

BEAUTY: How to achieve healthy, long hair

Don't Overheat 
Putting excessive heat on your hair by using hair straighteners, hair dryers and hair curlers make your hair brittle and weak when not treated afterwards. Avoid putting heat on your hair all the time and if you have to, use a heat protector to lessen the damage you will get.

Strengthen the Strands
Strengthening Strands is the best sign of Healthy hair, and a natural way to condition and strengthen ends is applying Coconut Oil to dry hair and left overnight, rinse in the morning for soft hair. If you want to get a bit fancy, Lush has a variety of Hair Treatments for different hair types such as Roots Hair Treatment for Fine, Thin Hair and Retread Conditioner which is known for being for Curly, Thick hair.

Seal Split Ends
Split Ends meaning when a hair strand splits into two or more separate strands and sealing split ends is a good method. Lush's Shine So Bright Hair Balm includes Free Range Eggs, Olive Oil and Coconut Oil to strengthen and condition ends.  

Vitamins + Iron
When wanting the best for your hair, not only is maintaining it on the outside, but by intaking vitamins it helps on the inside. Using Nature's Own Balance Plus Glow Multivitamin for Skin, Hair and Nails will help maintain and improve your hair, skin and nails!

No over-brushing
Do not brush you hair when it's wet. If you really must, put argan (or some other hair oil) into your hair, and comb through with a wide tooth comb such as EcoTools Bambo Wide Tooth Comb. Brushing = More Breakage and Fall out. Although you are meant to apparently lose 100-200 hair strands a day, they're naturally fall out and hair strands aren't meant to be ripped off like what brushing does.