CHRISTMAS: Gifts for the Guys

Continuing my Gifts series to get everyone ready for Christmas, I decided it was time for a 'for him' post. Just letting you know, I don't have a boyfriend, but iffff I did, this is some of the things I would get him (Number 1 & 2 mostly). But this can be for brothers, fathers, nephews, boyfriends whatever male (or female who likes male things). 

GTA is a very popular gaming series and the latest game, GTA 5 is a great gift for guys who like to play on their xbox or PS3. If you think Grand Theft Auto won't spark the interest for person you are buying a present for, there are other new releases such as Call Of Duty: Ghosts & Batman: Arkham Orgins or even research a game that you think will appeal to them.

Roshe Runs are by far the most appealing Nikes at the moment in my opinion, and I love them so much because majority of the styles are vegan friendly. You can buy roshes with suede, the ones shown above are made from synthetic materials with no animal products and come in a variety of colours (depends what's in stores ATM) 

I got a Ecopure gift set last year for christmas and it is a pretty good brand, unfortunately I've never used the Ecopure Man Range (maybe because I'm a girl) but this is a great gift for travelling and I'm pretty sure the bag included is faux material and unfortunately I cannot find a ecopure page to ask. (I am only assuming because it's a no animal testing brand) 

Great gift idea when you don't know what to get someone but don't want to give them just cash. I love getting JB gift cards so I can get a album I've been wanting or a DVD.

I still don't know if it's offensive to give skincare products to someone as a present because if someone gave something to me, I'd assume they thought I have bad skin (I do, but whatever). Probably best to give this to a brother who is in a bad skin period so you can joke about it afterwards because you care about his wellbeing.