CHRISTMAS: Gifts for the young Girls

Having trouble of what to get young girls aged 3-12? I got you covered gurl (or boi), after looking through stores and working in retail, I know what is popular, I know what these crazy chicks need (or what I want) so check out these picks I got for the stereotype, girly girl in the pre-teen phase. 

Probably the most inexpensive (dirt cheap, really) product on this post. Perfect little thought for any age, in a variety of four 'flavours' and colours, it's great for a stocking filler. IMO, it doesn't actually taste like strawberry cheesecake but the colour that it gives is really cute and has a bit of glitter.

My work just got a massive amount of Barbie DVDs in stock, a few being Christmas themed and this seems the most generic and most enjoyable for any young girl. Maybe aged 4+? I reckon the end of Barbie phase is 11. But I'm pretty sure even now, no matter how old you are, everyone still enjoys a classic Barbie DVD. And there's like 15435 out there, take your pick. Doesn't have to be holiday themed.

Any person who has a Polaroid Camera is pretty cool, imagine how happy when a girl opens up her present to a cute pastel colour Polaroid Camera? I would probably lose my shit. It's also avaliable in a variety of cute pastel colours, depending on stores. 

You have no idea how much I wanted a Walkie Talkie or one of those SMS wireless text messengers that comes in a pack of two, and you give one to your friend and you can text each other. Unfortunately I can't find a Australian website that sells one of them, so this Walkie Talkie must do. It's so cool and I've never had a Walkie Talkie before, surely anyone enjoys using one.

Working in a place where I sell CDs, DVDs and anything in the 'Home Entertainment' section, I am beginning to realise all these parents buying this album for their kids and going on about how much their 8 year old loves One Direction. I'm generalising here and I'm assuming all 8 year old girls love 1D, maybe not? I probably wouldn't if I was them. But I guess you can find out what the girl you're buying for likes. I liked Blink-182 when I was 8, if that helps...