I just went to Woolworths (AKA Safeway, some people still call it that). Anyway, I went with my parents and bought basic food stuff whatever. I am not the food hauler type (not yet anyway), I did include some snacks but that's about it. BTW, all these items were on special so that is why they are such a good price. 

Lately I've been interested in fake tan from Le Tan because they're an affordable Australian brand, I didn't want to jump into real fake tan yet and this has SPF, it was on special and it is a good sized bottle. 

Never tried this one before, I'm assuming it will either be somewhat good, or shit. The combo is kind of wrong. 

I bought two, because 2 for $2. I've had these before and they're good from what I remember. 

The cute packaging and strawberry cheesecake intrigued me and I saw the special ticket underneath it saying it was $1.50 so I thought I might try it. I just ate it, and it was pretty good. Has some cookie pieces inside. I would recommend. (*The link for this is linked for the block, I couldn't find the bar on the website*)

We bought some other things for the house that aren't shown in the picture like 3 Original Source handwashes: Raspberry & Vanilla (which makes your hand smell like a pop tart), Mint and Shea & Honey. They were $1.99 each on special so we stocked up on more.