This is my first favourites for the year, and probably my first favourites ever. Decided I might as well start this year on a good note of basic blog posts people do so I am showcasing two products I have discovered and rediscovered the past month.

 After using my E.l.f Eyebrow Filler & Lifter, I began to realise my shade (forgotten the name) was too dark for me. Although the consistency was great and waxy I decided to try something different. I saw this and decided to try it out because it reminded me of the first eyebrow pencil I used which was a Rimmel one. It is a basic pencil and the colour is exactly the same as the packaging and it's great for building up colour from sheer to bold. I think I prefer this to my e.l.f one but I'm still want to try out some more eyebrow products. 

I stopped using this for a few months and turned to Rosehip Oil as a moisturiser. But last month I turned back to this and remembered how lightweight and nice this smelt. This also contains Rosehip anyway and a bunch of over oils and leaves like Horsetail (Don't be scared like I was at first, it's a plant) It has great ingredients that you can understand pretty much all of them which is fantastic. 

This year I'm going into VCE (HSC in other states) so I've pretty much done some new touches to my room like getting a new three box shelf and a replacing my old, ugly ass desk I've had pasted down from my sister years ago. It didn't match my room at all and it was so bulky. I went to Ikea with my dad last week and we assembled this desk and I'm so inlove. It has four shelves on the right side (but when assembling you can pick either left or right) and I put all my books and stuff that I don't really reach for often. It has a drawer and a cable hole that goes to a cable tidy underneath the desk. I'm rambling but I love this so much and I'm excited to use it for this year. If you guys want a desk tour I'm more than happy to do one!

Tell me your favourites for this month in the comments!