After work on the 2nd I had to go shopping at Kmart for some pantry stuff for my parents, but we ended up buying clothes and some things I was after so here you go.

Full Body Swimsuit - $10AUD
I thought these were so cute when they first came out last year when they were $20 but I already have cute bikinis from Cotton On from late 2012. But I saw them half price and jumped on them and they are so cute. They even have a removable halterneck strap.

4x6 Frames in Black & Pink - $2AUD
I bought two of these for my friends because I printed out some photos at the Kmart Photo Centre as a part of their birthday presents. They probably already have their presents now because I didn't want to post it before just in case they saw.  

My original cable that I got with my iPod years ago finally broke and was dangerous to use so I just got this kmart branded cable which works just the same.

Are you guys liking the new way I take photos? It's super hard to get natural light in my room and the only nice background I have is my new desk. Or do you like the old set up on my outdoor lounge?(luxurious lol)