My second empties post already? I posted one early November and since then I have collected a bunch of things that I have used up. To be honest, I am surprised no one in my family has seen a brown paper bag in my room with a bunch of rubbish inside. They'll think I'm pretty messed if they find my stash.

My friend Adele was the original owner of this but fortunately she gave it to me because wasn't using it much (also it was expired whoops), so I still used it regardless because then my skin was so bad I didn't think anything else would make it worse. It didn't mess up my skin, it wasn't moldy either. I used it on my face, on my feet (ratchet), hands and back and it was very pleasant. (don't put this on a loofah, very hard to remove seeds and other bits) Thanks Adele!

My dad and I went crazy at Coles and Woolworths the past few weeks because they've had $2 on Original Source shower gel and hand washes. So we bought a bunch and we tried this one out first. Very pleasant smelling, I like this better than the Shea Butter & Honey hand wash I am using currently (ew)

Sukin - Foaming Facial Cleanser - $9.95
You can always catch Sukin on sale and I got this as a gift for my birthday. In March. So I've had this for ages and I just finished it off. It was pretty good, I would repurchase once I finish all my cleansers I have. I moved it into the shower to use on my body as well and I realised it was watered down and didn't have a gel consistency and didn't smell the same anymore so I finished it up.

Sukin - Certified Organic Rosehip Oil (25ml) - $19.95
When I first received this product as a gift I was like, 'When would I need Rosehip Oil? I'm not old.' (really asshole-ish of me) and I gave it to my mum (even more asshole-ish of me). Then a few months later I realised it would be good for my skin as a moisturiser instead of my Sukin Facial Moisturiser which wasn't doing a good job (now it is and I've turned back to it). I use the rosehip oil to remove all makeup, eye and face, and to moisturise after cleaning my face. It is so nice and makes my skin great, although the scent isn't amazing, I became tolerable of it as I used it more. I might buy a different brand next time, though this has a dropper which is extremely helpful.

Batiste - Original Dry Shampoo - $9.99
So I have no idea whether Batiste are CF or not. I use to watch a girl on youtube who was CF who used Batiste, but then I realised she was a bit iffy. I have seen a lot of links saying they are CF, but some CF ladies say they aren't. So I think once I finish my last can I will try Lush's dry shampoo. Anyway, it's a good product, gets rid of the greasy feel, not my favourite scent because they have a bunch of nice scents that make your hair smell nice.

Sportsgirl - Draw The Line Eyeliner - $9.95
This is so crazy how long I kept this for. Probably my first real makeup product I bought for myself when I was in year 7. I also bought a mascara from sportsgirl but luckily I threw it out once I discovered that mascara isn't good after a few months. This was alright, came with a smudger, and a sharpener inside, retractable and was smooth.

Nutrideep Multipler - $---
Unfortunately you can't buy this alone. I got this with my Naturstyle hair dye and it does the job with maintaining the colour of my hair and keeps it vibrant. I'm assuming it's a conditioner but I still mix it with my Organic Care Conditioner and it keeps my hair soft but a bit dry, I don't mind because dry ends helps keep my waves and my hair isn't that disgusting yet.