I've decided to create a series of posts about my Presentation Ball (Debutante Ball) which is in late June. I didn't realise until I had to actually do things how much preparation is needed to do this one night.  

Last month in March my first aim was to get my dress found and purchased since it's probably the main part. I went to about three stores (which is pretty minimal in compare to other people) and the second store I found the dress I wanted. This wasn't a lengthy process, it actually took one Saturday to go to all three stores and I made a decision that day. We just had to wait until Tuesday when the store that had the dress was open for an appointment and we got it then.  

At first I wanted a 'ballroom', 'Cinderella' type dress but considering I am just five foot tall and I lack in the big chest department I would of looked really awkward since most of the poofy dresses had corset type torsos with a lot of room for boobage. WARNING: if you try on any dress with a corset make sure it isn't small for you, I couldn't walk properly for a few days because it was too tight and my lower back was in so much pain. 

Anywho, Now my next goal is to get shoes which is a total other problem. I don't want anything made from animals such as leather or suede so I am searching for a white heeled shoe made of either faux leather or cloth material. And the heel can't be massive (anything 6+ cm) and I want it to be a chunky heel because skinny heels are super unstable for me and hurt my back (and it would be sweet if it had a ankle strap). So yeah, this is going to be a tad challenging. 

Does anyone know any good shoe websites for what I'm after? 
Also people please suggest what makeup I should do because I'm kind of clueless right now, nothing dramatic.