Today I went shopping with my mum and got some really cheap shit so I decided I would make a quick post. All this stuff was purchases from Kmart except for one thing. One thing, which turned out to be shit the moment I opened it once I arrived home. I will talk about it at the end of this post.

The nail polishes of Kmart's new range are super cute so I picked up this colour because lavender is such a sweet colour.

OPAQUE TIGHTS (70) - NAVY - $6.00
Needed new navy blue stockings for my winter uniform for school. 70 is probably the best one because it's not too sheer and not too thick.

I was eyeing this wallet ages ago when it first came out, then today I saw it in the clearance section for $3.00 I just yolo'd and got it. I wanted a wallet with a zip so it's more secure, this probably won't last me very long which is fine I just wanted a new wallet for the winter.

So I bought this Essence Multi-action Blackest Black Mascara from Target and Target is pretty shit at packaging with essence. So I purchased it, got home and decided to try it out. I took out the wand and it looked very different to what I predicted. I tried it anyway and I removed my mascara from the day and swiped this one on for about a minute, only to realise nothing was going on. It is very obvious I got a bad one because other reviews on this product are completely different to mine and the wand is completely different to what I got.