REVIEW: Models Prefer Skin Cleanser

For awhile I've wanted a 'clairsonic' type facial brush I can use on my face to deep clean, there are quite a few on ebay for a reasonably cheap price but I've never actually purchased one.

I first saw this product when Jessica Lee, an Australian Youtuber I'm subscribed to purchased one late last year and did a review on her channel which can be found here.

I thought the price is great and even though there is a couple of cons, it's great for the price and totally worth it. Only problem is, I couldn't find it anywhere. My sister even emailed Priceline asking if they sold it anymore and they said they didn't. But then, in a recent Priceline catalogue it was shown as 'Exclusive to Us'. I went to my local Priceline and went looking for it, and apparently it would only be in stock at Priceline superstores just as Bourke Street. I went to a few Priceline stores in the city but they were all out. Then my sister found them at a local Priceline near us and bought them for my mum and I. So now that the long back story is out the way I will talk about the product.


The brush retails for around $15 and comes with a Holder to store the Skin Cleanser and four attachments; Brush for Normal and Brush for Sensitive Skin, a Hydration Applicator and a face massager. The Facial Brush isn't rotational but vibrating which is gentle and I probably prefer it.

Normal Skin Brush - This is the first brush I used to cleanse my face and it has short bristles and black bristles inside which are very dense. Wasn't the best for my sensitive skin, it would probably be better for rough and/or mature skin.

Sensitive Skin Brush - I thought this was a lot softer (even the bristle material, and they were longer). Once I was finished cleaning my face my skin was like, baby butt soft.

Hydration Applicator - I don't think I ever want to use this, smells and feels like cheap sponge.

Face Massager - Holy Shit. When I first got this I tried this out and I was massaging my face for half an hour. Once your skin adjusts to it, it's relieves stress and it's probably best for your temples and jaw line. I love this. 

  • Great Price
  • Easy to Use
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Splash proof
  • 4 attachments

  • Only 1 Speed Setting
  • No easy access to replacement attachments? (Instructions recommend you to replace attachments every 90 days or whenever they become extremely worn out, but I don't think Priceline sell replacements)
  • Very hard to find 
  • Not waterproof
WOULD REPURCHASE? Definitely. Even if my brushes aren't good anymore instead of figuring out how to get replacements I might as well buy a new one it's so cheap if I can even find the product. Because it has very limited stock in Priceline stores. AND, it really deep cleans my skin and gets rid of a lot of makeup that I wouldn't normally get if I manually cleaned my face with a wash and some cotton pads.