REVIEW: The Story So Far - Songs of (EP)

Being a The Story So Far fan for a couple of years and liking pretty much all their stuff and this latest 5-track EP, 'Songs Of' is quite likable. With a combination of new songs and covers of older TSSF songs from their second album, What You Don't See. There is also there is a Bob Marley Cover, all being acoustic. 

  1. The Glass - From 'What You Don't See'
  2. Navy Blue - NEW
  3. All Wrong - From 'What You Don't See'
  4. Bad Luck - From 'What You Don't See'
  5. Waiting in Vain -  Bob Marley Cover

Navy Blue being their only new song they've made in this EP, it is probably my favourite. The acoustic versions of the 3 tracks from their current album are obviously more toned down in comparison to the original. Obviously Parker (main vocalist) voice is more toned down in compare to TSSF common stuff they put out and duh, the instruments are very different and limited due to it's an acoustic based EP.

There was not much publicity over this EP (not like TV promotion) I just barely saw posts from TSSF about it. I only saw it was released via Spotify, but it is a good EP so it shouldn't be hiding. 

RATING: 4.5/5
Nothing wrong with this at all, i wouldn't mind if there was more new songs instead of covers/remakes but it's an EP so.