I haven't made a Favourites post in such a long time and I don't really do it because I don't purchase many new things and I am also quite particular, maybe I mostly get annoyed that blogger tells me I am spelling Favourites wrong (it has a U). July was a shit, kind of busy month and I'm happy it's over. 

Mum bought me a blanket and stole it for the couch in the other room that is ruined by my cat so she's covered how ruined it is. But she bought me another one like a day later because she felt bad. It's super warm and soft, feels like I'm cuddling a polar bear (if they felt like fleece)

I haven't owned a foundation probably since I was 13-14 (Maybelline SuperStay, I threw it out once I turned CF) and didn't bother replacing it considering it is kind of hard (super hard) to find a easily accessible, CF Drugstore Foundation. I bought this one off iHerb for $3 because I'd heard some good reviews about it and it's pretty good. Good coverage, matches my skin, I use it mostly everyday I go out (not at school though) before this foundation I use to only rock the 'concealer everywhere' look.

When Sukin was in the testing stage of this Derma line I signed my sister and I up to be testers and to give feedback because we both have weird skin (hers is like prone to react to anything). Because I have oily/combo skin I received this wash and I just remember it being so great. And once I realised they released it I was so stoked. It is so easy to wash with and my face feels clean and fresh afterwards with no irritation what-so-ever.