CRUELTY-FREE 101: How To Help Animals

This is my one year blog anniversary! I can't believe I made my blog a year ago and my first post was on the 13th of September. Thank you so much to everyone who has followed me from the beginning or just started following me I can't believe over 100 people read what I write? I didn't want to make a big deal out of this so this is a scheduled post (one of my favorites) so I hope you like reading it and share it around. 

Besides doing a great deed and to some, a hard one - going cruelty-free; there are many other ways to help out our animal friends. I will start of with some really easy, free ways of helping out and a few life changes and some charitable actions.

I probably sign around 70 petitions a week because I get flooded with petition emails for multiple causes, not just animal welfare but politics and other issues. Not only is it free but it can actually help change something (e.g. a law, a outcome, someone's life etc) and just by doing that little bit and sharing it for your friends to help out, it can do some serious good.

I am not crazy. There is actually a website ( were you click a button (FOR FREE) and with a certain amount of clicks it helps go towards bowls of food for animals in shelters. Although it only applies in the US, we are about helping all animals no matter where they're from so..
NOTE: I just realised all of their other little sections for things such as 'rainforests' & 'autism' have the button too, so bookmark this and do it daily!

Study your charities and see which one is suited for the causes you'd like to support and make sure they are legit and genuine, and see where your money is actually going. Donating money to organisations can help them fund food, shelter, medical care but the charities would have a page talking about what your money goes towards.

Well-known Charities: 

Whether you pledge to Choose Cage-Free just to start you off, or take another step by going Cruelty-Free if you aren't already (might seem super daunting at first, but it's worth it), then go vegetarian and then vegan, its really up to you. I was on and off vegetarian for years when I was really young but became very serious in  end of 2012 and haven't looked back and have been CF and Vegetarian since then. I am waiting until I am 18 to attempt to go vegan because my parents are really against it right now.

An even bigger life change - Adopting a animal. Please adopt animals from your local shelter or whatever animal that is in need instead of pet stores (most of the time they are from puppy farms, don't know what that is? Search it up). Or a breeder, it is a lot better rescuing an animal instead of spending high hundreds, to pretty much thousands of dollars when you can save a dog, cat or bunny in need of love and care with the desexing and shots all covered (most of the time), for a quite reasonable price.

Check out RSPCA Puppy and Dog Buyer's Guide

Comment below if you do any of these or have any others tips to help out! Even share this post to your friends and family to see how they can help. 

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