Collected all my empties in my Herschel plastic bag to keep them all in the same place. Hopefully my mum hasn't seen it, I don't know if it's just weird to say I have it for no reason or I have it to show on my blog? 

I've had this product for like years. Probably since 2012, which is nasty. I didn't really notice until recently but I just finished it off by using it to clean my brushes. Smells like Nivea and is gentle on the skin so I would recommend, I don't know if I can use Nivea anymore (CF or not?) but I'm not in-love with it so.
Re-Purchase? Nah.

Lush - Tea Tree Water (100g) - $9.95AUD
Bought this mid-year last year and it's lasted me until the middle of August which is pretty good considering I use it every time after the shower on my face. It smells really nice and works nice with a bunch of other things inside besides tea tree its refreshing and helps tone my skin.
Re-Purchase? I will see how long my skin can last without it but maybe

T.N.Dickinson's - Witch Hazel Toner (240ml) - $6.59AUD
I bought this ages ago, when I first started this blog. I made a review you can check out here. At first the smell is crazy bad but after a while you get use to it. I use it pretty much everyday with a cotton pad, on my face and anywhere that needs it. I already bought a massive bottle (437ml) from iHerb that I hauled in April and it even cheaper.
Re-Purchase? Yeah, from iHerb though.

BeautyCareCo - Eye Makeup Remover Pads - $2.00AUD
You can only buy these in store and I'm pretty sure they're 2 bucks. They are quite a good size and it tells you the diameter of size on the packaging, it kind of stings a bit when you are carelessly rubbing it over your eye but it's pretty good at removing mascara and eyeshadow.
Re-Purchase? For Travel Use, yes.

BeautyCareCo - Nail Polish Remover Pads - $2.50AUD?
Even for a quick fix they aren't as good as just buying a bottle and getting some cotton pads. They're super thin and although it smells like lollies a bit I am gonna stick to the good ole nail polish remover bottle.
Re-Purchase? No.

Batiste - Dry Shampoo in Blush (200ml) - $9.99AUD
Finished this product ages ago and I've moved onto the Lush No Drought Shampoo, this was good when I used it. Smelt nice, did the job, it's a bit pricey though and it doesn't last very long.
Re-Purchase? I don't think so, I don't think it's CF.

ELF - Essential Wet Gloss Lash & Brow Clear Mascara (Crystal) - $1.99AUD
Besides the smell after awhile that was only brought to my attention because of my friend is weird and sniffed it but it is pretty good and the price is great, I haven't tried the essence one but apparently this is better than Essence.
Re-Purchase? Yes, forever.

ELF - Studio Lengthening & Volumizing Mascara - $8.00AUD
It is a pretty small tube of mascara for the price (it's originally meant to be $3 but Australia jacks up the prices), it worked pretty good it made my lashes separate and long but it kind of dries out/runs out quickly. 
Re-Purchase? Yeah if I can get it for $3 

Essence - Match2Cover! Cream Concealer- $4.50AUD
I've used this concealer for a year and I have repurchased it like 3 times because it's a good concealer and it's pretty cheap. I haven't purchased any other concealers since so someone recommend me something good & CF?
Re-Purchase? Already done.

Ecopure - Body Butter in Shea Butter - $??? (discontinued I believe)
I got this for christmas a year or two ago and it took me forever to even use it because I feel body butters arent for everyday use. Long story short I didn't even finish this and it is expired and gave me a reaction everytime I used it.
Re-Purchase? Nope

Original Source - Lemon and Tea Tree Shower Gel (250ml) - $3.39AUD (not shown)
Original Source is the shower gels I always use, it sucks how the smell doesn't stay on my skin but they're really refreshing and gets me clean. They're super good for pimples too, especially the Tea Tree ones.
Re-Purchase? Not now, but probably in the future.

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