Happy Hump Day. Decided to make a new series of monthly posts on Goals I'd like to achieve within that month, I will probably stick to a good number of 3.

1. Stop Eating Junk
For some reason my parents bought like 6 boxes of Shapes, although they are delicious they have a ridiculous amount of Kilojoules and they probably aren't good for my skin either and also I have stopped eating them for other reasons. I wanna start eating healthy and stop eating shit because I really have to try and minimize the amount of acne I have. I feel my skin is both hormonal and health so.

2. Stop Spending excessive amounts of Money
I have a job so I am not like dying for money, its just I don't get a lot of money weekly (very blessed it's good compare to other people). I need to start saving for Schoolies for the end of next year and obviously just the basic needs and wants of a teenager girl you feel? #alsoneedtosaveforTAFE

3. Get my Hours UP
Guess who got their learners? THIS GIRL. I turned 16 in March but I felt confident in August and got 91% and finished it in five minutes so I am pretty happy with that. I just hope I can actually go out and start learning how to drive but I just have a bunch of homework and I got work so I am aiming for... 5 hours? Is that a realistic goal for a person who has never driven before? hahahaaa probably not