BEAUTY: Some Q-TIPZ, 9 Uses for Them

REVIEW: Makeup Storage Organiser

Cosmetic Makeup Jewellery Holder Organizer (4 Drawers Clear Acrylic) - $27.95AUD (Free Shipping)

I've needed new storage for about a year. I have had Kmart office stationary drawer things and they worked alright and I would definitely recommend anyone who needs cheap storage. I wanted my set up to look nicer and have more so I purchased this unit from Ebay for a really cheap $28.


This smells so good and it's pretty good at making your face feel clean. Just rub against your hands and add water and it turns into a bubbly, foaming mixture, not really a instant foam when you disperse it from the bottle.

My friend gave me this after she barely used any (thanks adele) and it felt sick on the skin. It includes pieces of Lavender Flowers which is a nice touch (WARNING: do not put this on a loofah, the pieces will never come out) 

Good for cleaning your body in the summer time to clean all the gross summer stuff off like sand and sweat.. Tea Tree helps with acne and keeps the skin fresh.


My third last week of school consisted of having my final three days of year 11 classes, studying for end of year exams. I am dropping Math so I haven't really put much effort (no effort) into studying the two exams I have to do for it. I am also dropping PE which I picked up half way through this year, which was fun, it was a super easy unit so the exam should be manageable. 

On thursday I had my last RE exam ever (thank god), and an English exam I literally physically felt I got abused by when I finished writing 6 pages of bullshit. 

I've spent the whole weekend studying for legal which I feel I've done nothing on all semester (but somehow I got really good marks). I am actually a hermit right now, watching Law and Order: SVU, Criminal Minds and Dance Moms, and will continue to be until next weekend which I may have the energy to do something.

Next week I have the rest of my 5 exams, then on Friday I start year 12. Hopefully my timetable is good.

STUDY: End Of Year Jams

This month is full study month for me since I have exams straight after Melbourne Cup Weekend is over. Then on the 21st of November I start Year 12 Orientation for a week... Then Holidays.

GRWM: Comeback Kid & Rotting Out Show

Bought tickets a week before this show after contemplating since the tour was announced whether to go or not. I haven't listened to the headliner, Comeback Kid since I was in year 8 or 9 but I've listened to Rotting Out & Iron Mind for a couple of years and I really wanted to see them both. Although it's easy to see Iron Mind & Born Free because they're both Melbourne bands and I've attended a show they've both played at, I just didn't rock up on time. I saw some lovely mates and it was so sweet to meet new people and had a pretty good time. I bought a Rotting Out shirt which I am keen to wear, I wish they had more variety of designs but oh well. Maybe I will do OOTD wearing it? 

CRUELTY-FREE 101: What's wrong with Melbourne Cup?

Source: Creditcard
If you are from Melbourne or know of Melbourne Cup, we legitimately have a long weekend dedicated to the Cup. I get two days off of school which I can't really complain about, but the reasoning behind having the days off isn't the greatest. I am not very educated in this topic but I have a brief knowledge, enough to know why I absolutely hate Melbourne Cup Season.