CRUELTY-FREE 101: What's wrong with Melbourne Cup?

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If you are from Melbourne or know of Melbourne Cup, we legitimately have a long weekend dedicated to the Cup. I get two days off of school which I can't really complain about, but the reasoning behind having the days off isn't the greatest. I am not very educated in this topic but I have a brief knowledge, enough to know why I absolutely hate Melbourne Cup Season. 

Horse Racing is very glamourise and the main reason for attendance of the Races is to get dressed up, to get drunk and gamble. Sounds bloody stupid, right? Even more stupider that people attend and support this and have no idea about the dirty work is involved in this industry.
I use to always be told by my family when the cruelty of horse racing was brought up, "they are treated better than people!" Yes, if they're good at Racing. I will admire the people who love their horses and treat them like a family member, but not treat them that way because they make them money. Every year it seems like at least one horse is euthanised at the Cup because they fall and become injured and there's "nothing else they could do", which might be true - SOMETIMES.

Race Horses are whipped and forced to go over the limit to run to the finish line, but one wrong move and the horse falls can be the end of it. Horses should be free and live with loving owners, and go for rides at their own pace, not as a competitive sport. 

This issue is brought up every year and nothing is done about it. Why do people still continue to support this? Just so girls can wear stupid headwear and everyone can get drunk over the long weekend? Because I feel no one actually thinks about the Horses well being and how this exploits them. People only care more about their own greed.

  • Do not support Horse Racing in any way: don't attend, don't gamble, don't promote. 
  • Share the cruelty of Horse Racing with others 
  • Write a angry as letter to your local MP. 
  • Write a angry letter to Melbourne Cup. 
  • Sign Petitions 

These pages are A LOT more in depth and explains more of this issue. CAUTION: Images on these pages are confronting, but real. 

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