My third last week of school consisted of having my final three days of year 11 classes, studying for end of year exams. I am dropping Math so I haven't really put much effort (no effort) into studying the two exams I have to do for it. I am also dropping PE which I picked up half way through this year, which was fun, it was a super easy unit so the exam should be manageable. 

On thursday I had my last RE exam ever (thank god), and an English exam I literally physically felt I got abused by when I finished writing 6 pages of bullshit. 

I've spent the whole weekend studying for legal which I feel I've done nothing on all semester (but somehow I got really good marks). I am actually a hermit right now, watching Law and Order: SVU, Criminal Minds and Dance Moms, and will continue to be until next weekend which I may have the energy to do something.

Next week I have the rest of my 5 exams, then on Friday I start year 12. Hopefully my timetable is good.

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