LIFE: 2015 New Year Resolutions

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1. Work Out
Like, actually work out. I haven't worked out properly all of 2014 due to being so busy with family, school, work etc. I use to play Hockey for School and that was counted as me working out, now I have finished so. I have gained 5kg which isn't a massive deal, but I guess it's a motivator to work out and lose it.

2. Figure out regular posting days
I usually just pick random days each week to post but I might wanna get started with posting on the same day, each week.

What day would you prefer I post on?
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3. Go out more with my Camera and start doing OOTD
I never bother to go out with my camera cause I am just so busy this year (and lazy) so hopefully I can start next year to do more fashion posts and maybe show my face. Considering there is hundreds of people checking my blog each week and no pictures of me, seems a bit impersonal.

Anyone have any good NYR? 


My parents bought me this desk at the start of the year because my previous one was passed down to me and was pretty feral (ugly) so we gave it to Savers and I had my eye on something Ikea anyway. I've had a Ikea desk when I was little but it had bad storage and was so basic bitch. This desk is the MICKE Desk with integrated storage in White companied by the really popular, SNILLE Swivel chair in Green which was originally my sister's. I originally had the pink one but I banished that out of my room because I don't like pink in a room, so now it resides in the home office.


Went to Spencer Street DFO and bought a few items from Cotton On outlet as they have a lot of sales, all the time. I don't have much room in my wardrobe anymore and I really need an upgrade, I have no idea what other storage I can do besides in a draw or hanging it up, if anyone has any ideas that would be sick. 

Crissy Cross Crop (Size Small) - $5.00AUD
Lace Body Booster (Size just judge by the image) - $5.00AUD
Hangin Tough Tunic 72 Print (Size XS)- $10.00AUD

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Know a person who is cruelty-free and have no idea what to buy them this Christmas without making it awkward that you got them something not CF? I think most people wouldn't mind a minor mistake but to get some extra brownie points I composed this post purely for people who aren't aware or have much knowledge on what brands and items you can get people who are CF. 


Probably more appropriate for winter since it's long sleeved but would be really comfy.

Already have one Citizen shirt, this wasn't available last AllinMerch order I made so this would be a good addition.

I love gold watches and have wanted this one for years. 

Nike - Air Max (Custom) 
I can't get these Air Maxs because I believe they aren't available anymore but I might custom made some. 


What I have purchased in the past few weeks.

Exfoliating Gloves - $3AUD
Needed a something to exfoliate with so I got this pair of gloves so when I start fake tanning it's super easy to get rid of dead skin.

Light Blue Leggings - $12AUD
 I actually caved and bought Jeggings. I want pants with the same opaque colour without any fade like my light blue jeans I got from Jay Jays months ago.

Paisley Print Shorts - $9AUD (Originally $12AUD) 
I saw my cousin with the same print but as a jumpsuit and she said she got it from Kmart, so I went to go find it. Then I found these, I definitely need new shorts, all the ones I own are either from savers or they are for working out. 

Saw my razor on sale at Priceline so I picked it up. It's a pretty good razor and the regular price is super affordable.

Bondi Sands - Self Tanning Foam in Light to Medium - $19.99AUD
So exfoliating gloves + razor is two essential items for a good tan. So I am finally doing fake tan for the first time in my life, holy shit. If anyone wants a review of this tan and the glove I purchased leave a comment and I definitely will do it.

Bondi Sands - Reusable Tanning Mitt - $9.99AUD
I wasn't going to apply the tan with my hands so, I bought a mitt. Hopefully this doesn't give out on me, I've heard that mitts break apart really fast.

Shorts - $9.95AUD (50% Off)
I went to Emporium in the city recently and they are having 50% all store and they've been doing it for a while, and apparently they're continuing for a few more weeks until further notice. There are so many nice pieces and these shorts are a sweet fit.

White T-Shirt - $4.95AUD (50% Off)
What can I say, it was 5 dollars.

Black T-Shirt - $4.95AUD (50% Off)
They're pretty soft.

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White Knit - $7.50AUD (2 for $15 in Store) 
I wanted this Jumper for months when they first came out but all the ones that were available weren't in the colour I wanted and I didn't really want to spend $30-40 bucks on something that I might not wear. 

Chi Chi - Eyebrow Pencil in Light Brown - $7? (20% off and my discount card)
Once realising Essence hasn't been very honest (I am making a post soon about it), I have to replace my brow pencil as one of the many essence products I use. This is such a good pencil and my brow game is so so strong atm since using it.

Swisse - Argan Oil Facial Moisturiser - $6.69AUD
I needed to try out a new moisturiser and this seemed good for my skin. I don't have much of an opinion yet but if you'd like a review, just leave a comment below.


Tinashe - Aquarius 
I decided to have a break from Drake finally, after listening to him at every moment I could I decided it was a bit obsessive, so I decided to get Tinashe's whole album just cause 2 On wasn't enough.

Her voice is so universal and soothing, and her songs are so catchy.

Awkward. Series

Once I got into Teen Wolf I realised that MTV shows really aren't that bad. I've seen so many commericals in the past for this show and I decided now (the time of exams and orientation for year 12) was the perfect time to get into this show. It's funny and kind of realistic. I am up to season 2 now and I am hooked.

Teen Wolf Series

This show is the shit. I started it a few months ago because my sister really wanted my mum and I to get into it because we were watching no shows since Pretty Little Liars are on a break.

I thought this show was going to be super bad, purely because it has werewolves involved and teenagers. But it is so good once you get into it, the storyline is really interesting and majority of the characters are pretty hot.

I am up to date now and it took me about a month and a half because we watch it every friday or saturday night.  


REVIEW: Maskd - The Green Mask*

This brand reached out to me via email, I read a bit about it on their website so  I decided to accept their invitation to let me try it out.
When I got the package in the mail it came with a few of brochures, a Media Kit for me, Carlie (the Founder's) business card, a Maskd facial towel (which comes with the mask) and of course, the mask itself.