What I have purchased in the past few weeks.

Exfoliating Gloves - $3AUD
Needed a something to exfoliate with so I got this pair of gloves so when I start fake tanning it's super easy to get rid of dead skin.

Light Blue Leggings - $12AUD
 I actually caved and bought Jeggings. I want pants with the same opaque colour without any fade like my light blue jeans I got from Jay Jays months ago.

Paisley Print Shorts - $9AUD (Originally $12AUD) 
I saw my cousin with the same print but as a jumpsuit and she said she got it from Kmart, so I went to go find it. Then I found these, I definitely need new shorts, all the ones I own are either from savers or they are for working out. 

Saw my razor on sale at Priceline so I picked it up. It's a pretty good razor and the regular price is super affordable.

Bondi Sands - Self Tanning Foam in Light to Medium - $19.99AUD
So exfoliating gloves + razor is two essential items for a good tan. So I am finally doing fake tan for the first time in my life, holy shit. If anyone wants a review of this tan and the glove I purchased leave a comment and I definitely will do it.

Bondi Sands - Reusable Tanning Mitt - $9.99AUD
I wasn't going to apply the tan with my hands so, I bought a mitt. Hopefully this doesn't give out on me, I've heard that mitts break apart really fast.

Shorts - $9.95AUD (50% Off)
I went to Emporium in the city recently and they are having 50% all store and they've been doing it for a while, and apparently they're continuing for a few more weeks until further notice. There are so many nice pieces and these shorts are a sweet fit.

White T-Shirt - $4.95AUD (50% Off)
What can I say, it was 5 dollars.

Black T-Shirt - $4.95AUD (50% Off)
They're pretty soft.

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White Knit - $7.50AUD (2 for $15 in Store) 
I wanted this Jumper for months when they first came out but all the ones that were available weren't in the colour I wanted and I didn't really want to spend $30-40 bucks on something that I might not wear. 

Chi Chi - Eyebrow Pencil in Light Brown - $7? (20% off and my discount card)
Once realising Essence hasn't been very honest (I am making a post soon about it), I have to replace my brow pencil as one of the many essence products I use. This is such a good pencil and my brow game is so so strong atm since using it.

Swisse - Argan Oil Facial Moisturiser - $6.69AUD
I needed to try out a new moisturiser and this seemed good for my skin. I don't have much of an opinion yet but if you'd like a review, just leave a comment below.