My parents bought me this desk at the start of the year because my previous one was passed down to me and was pretty feral (ugly) so we gave it to Savers and I had my eye on something Ikea anyway. I've had a Ikea desk when I was little but it had bad storage and was so basic bitch. This desk is the MICKE Desk with integrated storage in White companied by the really popular, SNILLE Swivel chair in Green which was originally my sister's. I originally had the pink one but I banished that out of my room because I don't like pink in a room, so now it resides in the home office.

Samsung TV 
A few years ago my family bought a new TV and somehow we got a second smaller TV either for free or a bit extra. This was my sister's first but then she bought the main family TV off my dad when he wanted to upgrade (My dad has a unhealthy obsession with TVs, we have 7 TVs in our house) so she gave this one to me. It has no antenna so I just plug in my USB and watch TV shows and movies but I think I might turn it into a second monitor for my computer.

EDIT: I no longer have a TV. My nonna's TV in her kitchen broke a month ago so I decided to give her mine. This was pre-made from like July so. But this was technically here for most of 2014! 

Ikea Lamp and CDs
This lamp was also passed down from my sister because she never used it. This lamp is super old, I don't even know if ikea still sells it. But it's had the same light bulb for the god knows how many years and it's still going strong. The CDs stacked underneath, some are old, some are new:
SKURAR Plant Pot
This use to be on my Vanity-type area and didn't really contain much things, so once I re-did this desk I realised how many pens I had and this pot was a good size to fit them all. Stationary brands range from Papermate to Kmart so it's all a big mix. 

I bought this dish because I thought it was super cute and it matched my plant pot. Had no idea what to put on top of it so I put my Soap & Glory products on it, Essence Hand Cream and my USBs so they're easily accessible. 
Small Whiteboard
I bought this whiteboard because it was like $2 at Officeworks during back to school season. I was gonna somehow put it in my locker at school (which is made of wood) so I kept it at home so I can white down tasks I need to do. 

Big Whiteboard
I bought this from Cotton On a while ago in a pack (whiteboard + corkboard) with the same clear, acrylic blue frame which is pretty much why I bought it. The frame is really nice but the actual board is.. shit. Whenever I wrote on it it wouldn't rub out properly and I actually have stains of when I'd attempt to rub out the marker so I've decided to put pictures on here instead.

A3 Cutting Mat
I don't use this for cutting shit on at all I am just super anxious of making marks on my desk when I am writing or if my books are dirty and I can't afford getting glass cut to fit the desk (cbs anyway) so I got this for $7 at Reject Shop. 


Book Shelf
I have a bunch of assorted books, probably only two bought with the intention to read as a leisurely activity (The Perks Of Being A Wallflower & It's Kind Of A Funny Story) while the others are for school past and present (Growing Up Asian In Australia + Notes and Night). And some others were gifted to me such as The Tales of Beedle Bard & The Hobbit (which my brother stole from the school library in primary school). I also have a Lush Magazine and two of my favourite DVDS, Parkway Drive's Home is For The Heartless & Leo Version of Romeo & Juliet.  

And I got some wog stuff that my mum and nonna gave me such as the ring holder, and two boxes my mum had when she was a teenager.
Book Shelf II
Simply just use the bottom shelf to store books for school when I have no use for them at the moment. + I have spare sheet protectors and loose leaf paper.

I hope you enjoyed this! Is there any more tours you'd like to see? Vanity Tour? Bedside Table Tour? Or What's In My Bag? Leave suggestions down below.

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