LIFE: 2015 New Year Resolutions

SOURCE: weheartit

1. Work Out
Like, actually work out. I haven't worked out properly all of 2014 due to being so busy with family, school, work etc. I use to play Hockey for School and that was counted as me working out, now I have finished so. I have gained 5kg which isn't a massive deal, but I guess it's a motivator to work out and lose it.

2. Figure out regular posting days
I usually just pick random days each week to post but I might wanna get started with posting on the same day, each week.

What day would you prefer I post on?
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3. Go out more with my Camera and start doing OOTD
I never bother to go out with my camera cause I am just so busy this year (and lazy) so hopefully I can start next year to do more fashion posts and maybe show my face. Considering there is hundreds of people checking my blog each week and no pictures of me, seems a bit impersonal.

Anyone have any good NYR?