Tinashe - Aquarius 
I decided to have a break from Drake finally, after listening to him at every moment I could I decided it was a bit obsessive, so I decided to get Tinashe's whole album just cause 2 On wasn't enough.

Her voice is so universal and soothing, and her songs are so catchy.

Awkward. Series

Once I got into Teen Wolf I realised that MTV shows really aren't that bad. I've seen so many commericals in the past for this show and I decided now (the time of exams and orientation for year 12) was the perfect time to get into this show. It's funny and kind of realistic. I am up to season 2 now and I am hooked.

Teen Wolf Series

This show is the shit. I started it a few months ago because my sister really wanted my mum and I to get into it because we were watching no shows since Pretty Little Liars are on a break.

I thought this show was going to be super bad, purely because it has werewolves involved and teenagers. But it is so good once you get into it, the storyline is really interesting and majority of the characters are pretty hot.

I am up to date now and it took me about a month and a half because we watch it every friday or saturday night.