REVIEW: Maskd - The Green Mask*

This brand reached out to me via email, I read a bit about it on their website so  I decided to accept their invitation to let me try it out.
When I got the package in the mail it came with a few of brochures, a Media Kit for me, Carlie (the Founder's) business card, a Maskd facial towel (which comes with the mask) and of course, the mask itself. 

The product claims to: 
  • Smooth lines and wrinkles
  • Soothes damaged skin & reduces scarring
  • Permits fresh, glowing skin
  • Allows natural oil flow
  • Moistens dry skin
  • Reduces blemishes
  • Improves application of makeup

When I applied it the first time on a Tuesday, I did an extremely thin layer, I still felt a bit of a sting though! I washed it off after with the towel and I had super soft skin. The towel was super soft too haha

The second time I applied it was on a Sunday and I put more of the product on but still a thin layer as directed and I felt the sting SO bad. It was so bad I wanted to take off the mask, and it did last about 1 and half to 2 minutes but it was fine afterwards, they did warn about the sting. But my skin wasn't burning or red.

I then put it on about three days in a row when I was having an area of my face with a pimple problem (like every other day of my life), but they weren't hormonal pimples but 'I eat like terribly' pimples, and I realised a massive reduction of them. Sorry but no imagery, no one wants to see that shit. Just trust me.

  • Cruelty-Free
  • You can feel it working (The Sting) 
  • Good Packaging
  • Smells Pleasant
  • Facial Towel Included with every Purchase (super soft)
  • Good for Sensitive Skin (but not recommended for people with allergies to Salicylates)
  • Leaves face smooth and clean

  • Not Vegan (contains lactose) 
  • Contains Parabens (if you're worried about that) 



I found this mask to clean my skin and the day after I use it, my skin is more evenly toned and dries out pimples well. Skin is becomes very smooth and application of makeup is better than if I just washed my face with wash.
WOULD REPURCHASE? I probably wouldn't, purely because I am not a sting kind of person. I feel this would cater for people with oily skin and acne. My skin is very combo, and considering the weather is changing it has dry patches everywhere. But this does makes your skin feel clean and smooth as freshly shaved legs and does help with my acne ALOT.
*This product was given to me to review, but this does not change my opinion what-so-ever* 

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