MUSIC: Tom Delonge leaving Blink-182

So... I took it upon myself to make this post not just as an interested Blink-182 fan, but also due to the fact my URL has 182 in it (fun fact if you didn't get it already). Enjoy this post, and there will be another one tomorrow! To make up for the lack of posts I might have for the next few weeks/months...

Tom Delonge has left Blink-182 (again). I found out early this morning when it was first release and I did not feel any sorrow, no remorse. Not the normal feelings you would feel when someone from a band you like has left, or a band as broken up. Because it is not a surprise, not unexpected, nor a travesty. I did not feel how I felt when MCR broke up, and I did not act how I did when MCR broke up (listen to them all day and tell everyone how sad I was). 

Besides my personal preference of Tom being dead last in my 'favourite members of Blink-182' because of what he did back in 2004, I know for a fact Mark and Travis will not let the band be inactive again just because of one person. What I love about this band is they don't leave much unsaid, it is pretty crystal of what the situation is (unless it's all a lie) and as is mentioned in the interview linked below, it is the EXACT fucking same situation as 2004. What Mark and Travis have said is, is how I see the issue and is telling it out it is. 

You could tell once they got back together that their music was technically Angels and Airwaves. And I will admit, I always tried to get into AVA but never could, I just didn't like their sound. 

Some would say, "Why can Mark and Travis do +44 because Blink isn't the same without Tom." Is Blink not the same without Scott? Who? Yeah. As Mark mentioned in the article, live on the Blink-182 legacy.

In Conclusion, I don't mind at all Tom is gone. If he comes back, good. If he doesn't, good.
Please don't get upset if Tom is your fave or you don't agree with me, this is my blog - don't like my opinion, be a grown up and suck it up

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