Dog Fighting or any type of animal fighting is probably the most disgusting thing I can think of for Animal Cruelty. People who actually gamble on two dogs fighting (pretty much always, to the death). I can't understand how people promote and enjoy seeing living creatures hurting and killing each other. 


So I got $100 worth of things at Australis 50% off Sale for Australia Day. If I spent over $50 it was free shipping alright.. I couldn't resist, I have been doing alright lately with not spending money but I saved like $50 by catching this sale so, I am a savvy shopper. I guess.

Oh Hai Brow! Kit - $8.48AUD
Nail Colour Pastels - Totes Orchs - $2.48AUD

If anyone wants a review on any products, let me now in the comments!

MUSIC: Surprise Drake Mixtape Release - If You're Reading This It's Too Late

Surprise Post! Surprise Mixtape Release from Drake, I had to express my excitement.

Drake beyonce'd it by releasing a 17-track full length on iTunes on the 13th of February 2015 (remember I live in Australia, day ahead) by publishing a link to iTunes on Twitter.

I am seeing Drake in two weeks to today, and I even more pumped now that's he is going to perform new songs!


Not only do I find Valentine's Day a stupid holiday and excuse for retail to make people buy things, people who don't have someone feel shit during this season. 

Instead of making a DIY, a tutorial date makeup look, or a love playlist - I will do something different. Anti-valentines, break up songs and stuff of that nature.

Have Fun!

MOVIE REVIEW: Metallica: Through The Never

YEAR: 2013
RATING: M (Australia)

Being a somewhat fan of Metallica since I was a little girl I have gone as far as seeing them live for the first time when I was 12, I would rate that experience a 3.5/5 due to my shitty seating (pretty much shitty venue) but vibes and music was good.