MOVIE REVIEW: Metallica: Through The Never

YEAR: 2013
RATING: M (Australia)

Being a somewhat fan of Metallica since I was a little girl I have gone as far as seeing them live for the first time when I was 12, I would rate that experience a 3.5/5 due to my shitty seating (pretty much shitty venue) but vibes and music was good. 

Anyway, I wanted to watch this film when it first came out but I didn't have time. But once I saw my dad bring home a copy in blu-ray, I sat down and watched it. I am watching it right now whilst writing this.

So I am almost 50 minutes into the film and I'm still trying to work out the storyline and I am actually super confused by it all. This is definitely a concert footage feature as I've been staring at perfect crystal HD video and sound quality for the past 40 minutes.

So this young roadie, Trip, is put on a quest to put gas into a Metallica truck that broke down, that is carrying something ~super important~ for Metallica. So this guy legit has to face a bunch of chaos to get this thing, and attempt to deliver it to Metallica.

There was action and some rioting of anarchists vs the authority. But by the end of watching this semi-confusing film, I was left yelling at my TV screen "what the fuck was that?" If you're after a film to listen to Metallica's greatest, then this is a good movie. I feel it was more concert based than what the actual plot. I am giving this a 3/5 although pretty much the whole time I was confused about what was dark depths of whatever City the main character was roaming around in and was faced with unexplainable things, the concert footage, although scripted, was superb.