FASHION: New Roshe Run #2

This is obviously scheduled. It is my Birthday Today (4th of March), and I am away for School. 

So. Now I have 3 pairs of Roshes. I promise now I will stop and try different shoes, I won't become some people who have over 10 pairs. Hopefully.

These aren't the prettiest but they were $70 (originally $100) at a Nike Outlet and I needed to pick something for my Nonna and Nonno to buy me for Christmas. Now my Nonno and I can rock our Nikes together, even though I have to force him to wear his because he's so use to his older shoes. 

I swear every Youtuber got Roshes for Christmas and majority of them were so much nicer than these ones, I guess I will learn to love these ones. It has a grey sole compare to my other two pairs which are white, it's different. 

Have you bought shoes recently? What is your favourite brand?