I am not really a book person. At all. But I've been told that I should read over the holidays to get smart considering I am in year 12 now and I need to build up my vocab. 

My home girl Julia Gillard is such a role model, she stood up for herself and stood her ground multiple times when our asshole PM at the moment, Tony Abbott use to be a complete dick to her (I am not being defamatory if he actually is a terrible person). I've heard her talk about this book in Q&As and I think it would be pretty interesting to read. Plus, Mum was waiting for this at the library so I just bought it for Christmas for her.


I think I saw Amy promote this book on The Project or something and the cover just attracts me to it to be honest. I watched Parks and Recreation for a few episodes and kind of got turned to another show and gave up (but it is on my to-do list. Next to The Office)


So many blogs, youtubers have been reading this and saying how good it is. I have never bought off Nasty Gal, and I don't really care (sorry) but I always like an inspiring non-fictional book.

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