CRUELTY-FREE 101: Dental

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Have a range of toothpastes, whitening systems and mouthwashes. From Coffee & Tea stained teeth, Herbal, Anti-Plaque, Smoker they have a bunch of pastes and even brushes to help whiten teeth. I'm pretty sure every box of toothpaste comes with a toothbrush so that's always good as you should replace your toothbrush about 3-4 months. 

Lush has about 7 Toothy Toothpaste Tabs in a range of flavours and contain about 40 toothy tabs which if you brush your teeth twice a day equals to... 20 days of use? My favourite at the moment is Atomic and I finished that up about a month ago, I have Breath Of God but I don't really like it as much. The method of use is pretty weird, chew it up a bit then add water to your brush and start brushing. They go for $2.95 a box and is probably the cheapest thing at Lush. 

I have heard of Weleda, mostly for their popular Skin Food Cream. I have heard some good reviews for their toothpaste.

For Australians and pretty much everywhere around the world, the best chance of getting these products is either purchasing in store by finding stockists, or going on the best website ever - iHerb. Click here to find the Oral Care for Kiss My Face.

Desert Essence not only has a great range of Hair Care and Skin Care but a good amount of Dental Care. Natural flavoured, fluoride-free Toothpaste, Mouthwashes & Dental Floss are available in recyclable and BPA Free packaging. Unfortunately the Desert Essence website doesn't ship outside of the US, but iHerb does stock some of their products. 

Although your best choice in toothbrushes is White Glo as they are the usual generic toothbrush, but it you wanna go the extra mile you can buy a bamboo toothbrush. I've honestly never seen or used one before but if you're into that, just go to Environmental Toothbrush.

Do you know any CF Toothpaste?