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CRUELTY-FREE 101: Dog Baiting

This has come to my attention a lot lately, mostly because it is in the media from incidents. Dog baiting is a name for more than one action of Animal Cruelty, but this particular one can affect any animal just by walking in the park.


There is so much things on eBay and sometimes you find something cheap, and great quality. I have a few things I have found online which I love and would definitely repurchase if I misplaced the product.

EDIT: I just saw I hit 200 followers on bloglovin'! Thanks to everyone who reads my blog and follows me, even during year 12 which is super busy for me right now, I still try to pre-write posts so I can deliver every week. Hopefully once I graduate and have time I can make better content. Much love and enjoy the post! xx


I apologise before hand for the lack of description of storyline. I just talk about why I love these shows. A simple google search of the relevant show will give you a brief blurb. So here you go, three shows I recommend. I will definitely be making more of these in the future.