CRUELTY-FREE 101: Dog Baiting

This has come to my attention a lot lately, mostly because it is in the media from incidents. Dog baiting is a name for more than one action of Animal Cruelty, but this particular one can affect any animal just by walking in the park.

This Dog Baiting is when someone makes normal food such as meat, dog food, mostly anything a dog would eat and lace it with poisonous substances such as rat poison, snail bait, or even hard, dangerous objects such as screws, fish hooks etc. People plant these baits on the ground of places were dogs would frequent such as side walks, parks.

SOURCE: Take My Paw
Like most actions people do to injury or even kill animals it's super hard to even think about why someone would do something so inhumane. A common assumption of someone doing this, besides being a heartless dick is also someone is annoyed by the pet. Maybe they bark all the time and annoy the neighbourhood, or they go into their property. 

If you are someone who is annoyed by someone else's pet, maybe talk to the owner instead of being a inhumane jerk.

SOURCE: Herald Sun

  • Be aware of what is on the ground whilst walking your dog. If you see some food, DO NOT let your pet eat it. Even if it looks safe, it could be covered in a poisonous liquid.
  • If you see food on the ground, throw it away into a separate plastic bag and dispose appropriately to avoid other animals getting to it. 
  • Also please be aware, someone may put bait into your backyard or front yard where ever your dog goes. 
If you have any more tips or things to share on this issue, please leave a comment below.