REVIEW: Hair & Me - Hair Rejuvenation Treatment*

I am guilty of neglecting my hair. I use the usual shampoo and conditioner and put some Aldi Moroccan Argan Oil (read my review here). And that is pretty much it. I was contacted by Hair & Me to try their Hair Treatment and I decided my hair deserved some TLC. 

The directions say to put the treatment in the fridge for 30 minutes, it may get a bit too hard and it's difficult to dispense product out of the packaging. If that is the case, either blowdry it for a minute or two or let it sit until it becomes less solid. I then dampened my hair (as directed) and considering my hair is abit thin, I used about a half a hazelnut sized amount all over my hair. 

The recommended time of keeping the product in your hair is minimum 45 minutes, so that's how long I did it. I shampoo'd twice and didn't put any conditioner. When my hair dried, my hair felt softer than it does when I use conditioner my basic Organic Care Conditioner.

The directions and information contained on the packaging is very easy to understand and helpful. And even on their website, they have more FAQs that can help.

The Company states their products reduce blow-drying time by 30-50%. So I tested that once I washed my hair without the treatment in, I ringed my hair with a towel, brushed it out and it took 3.20 minutes to dry completely*.

I did the same thing again, but with the treatment in and it took 2.37 minutes to dry completely*.

*my hair is a tad thin. 

  • Cruelty-Free
  • Vegan 
  • 100% Organic
  • Australian Owned 
  • Nice Smell 
  • Hair Felt Softer after use

  • Packaging is difficult at times to disperse product. 


WOULD PURCHASE? My hair is so much softer and healthier (plus I got some shininess) in comparison to before I started using this product. The products are all natural and it's Australian Made so I definitely would. 

*This product was given to me to review, but this does not change my opinion what-so-ever*