The Iconic is one of those stores that has a bunch of different brands, caters for both men and women, and always has great sales items. I originally did this order to purchase the Layla Distressed Jeans but when they came in the mail they were too small for my hips and ass. *whoops*

 But I was super impressed with The Iconic's return policy, 100 days free returns! I knew that I needed to check if the jeans fit so I made sure I didn't ruin the parcel and the original packaging it came with as that's what they want you to send it back in. It even has another sticker to reseal the package. Long story short, it was super easy to return those jeans and the other items I purchased fit really well. 

Zalora Basics - Halter Neck Midi Bodycon Dress (Size M)- $7.50AUD (No Longer Available) 

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