ARROW: Season 4 Premiere Reaction


I never thought I would do something like this. I have read the mamamia Bachelorette recaps and I feel it is funny but dedication. I have exams in three weeks, should I really start something like this? I do know, but I will see how it goes but after this episode, I need to vent.

Beginning was good. Wonderful actually. Oliver & Felicity in a suburban setting? BEING TOGETHER? Being cute af? I watched all 3 seasons of Arrow in five days, my emotions were very mixed but I was rooting for #olicity from the beginning. This makes me so happy. Oliver is such a cutie about it all though, god damn.

"Felicity Smoak, you have failed this Omelette."

 What bummed me out was the crash of the proposal by Thea and Laurel.. Piss off Laurel. But obviously we need to be on edge on whether Oliver proposes or not and what happens later.

Diggel needs to kind of get over Oliver endangering his wife and daughter.. Like, nothing happened to them? Common man.. You guys were besties.

Damien Darhk is such a freak of nature. And as fucking if Captain Lance is in on this shit? What a corrupt cop, must of thought Darhk was a vigilante or a metahuman or some shit before he turned on him. Definitely can't wait to find out about that.

The end is what I want to get at though... What - the - fuck?
If that is who I think that is in the grave I am going to cut this show from my life, and so will many many Olicity fans. Surely they can't do that to us. They have promoted #olicity so much surely they can't crush our hearts like that. It will be Pretty Little Liars Finale all over again (if you don't get it, google it).

This has been my terribly shitty recap/reaction. Mostly because I should of done this whilst watching the episode.

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