TV SHOWS I RECOMMEND #3 (DC Comics Edition)

My obsession with superhero (mostly DC) based has grown in the past few months. When I was meant to be studying I was bulk watching Arrow and The Flash and got into Supergirl soon after it came out. I will do another version of this as I have another one or two shows I want to recommend. 


I am giving you guys another post of TV shows I recommend. For some reason I watch quite a few shows and I am in the middle of year 12. (scheduled post) Oh well, If you enjoy these posts let me know and I will keep making them!

REVIEW: Waxaway - Aquawax Roll-on Kit

Waxaway is a great CF Australian brand - pretty much the only wax I know at the moment which is cruelty-free. I am more of a shaving person, purely because I am not fussed with shaving a lot as it is really quick.


The Priceline 40% that happens a few times a year is back. You are able to by online and instore. I definitely suggest going the first day as the good products are wiped out by the second day. Most of these brands have vegan items, you can find them by looking for ingredients in the ingredients tab.

  • Australis 
  • Models Prefer
  • Nude by Nature
  • Face of Australia
  • Physician's Formula
  • Natio
  • Innoxa
  • Savvy
If there is more brands I am not aware of or have incorrectly mentioned, please contribute. 


Another boohoo haul. I have a lot of bottoms but not enough tops.. So I bought a few. This is very colourless so enjoy if you are a basic girl. 

SPRING CLEAN: Digital Cleaning for Computers

During Spring you probably clean out your room, bathroom, office etc. But you probably forget one of the most used things in your life... Your Computer and other technological devices. Here are some steps to get your computer fresh and clutter free to help you improve productivity.