My Planner For 2016

I started watching planner videos for the past few months and considering now that I am out of high school and I no longer have a good quality planner that my school use to provide me, I needed to shop for a new one. I was very interested in the Erin Condern Life Planner and I was willing to fork out the $50 for the planner (and what shipping was added on), and even buy little stickers on Etsy. But recently I found this filofax/kikki.k (don't know what its properly called) type planner at Kmart for $12!

Why I didn't give anyone a present this Christmas...

This year Christmas has been extremely underwhelming. Maybe it is a mixture of the fact that I am the youngest in my family and I am almost 18, that my family has never really been festive, or I work at Kmart which is EXTREMELY busy this time of year and I am turned off. All this has caused me to not care at all about Christmas, and it's gift giving that comes along with it. I have not bought a single present for anyone (I am not counting the book I have ordered for my sister as it is a thank you gift for her giving me her old phone). 

REVIEW: Madam Glam Fabulous Gel Polish Kit*

I was contacted by a representative of Madam Glam for me to try out their products. They are mostly known for nail polishes, both normal and gel (even temperature changing nail polish!) but they also have makeup. All makeup and nail polishes are cruelty-free and vegan besides their lipsticks which contain beeswax. I am not really a nail person at all, mostly because I couldn't wear it majority of the year due to school. But now that I am out, I am free! And able to do whatever I want.


I've been working at Kmart since I was 15 and I see so many products come through and our game has seriously lifted every season. Working at Customer Service I feel I need to know the popular products so I can help customers more efficiently I follow heaps of Kmart instagram pages to discover new items so I am aware of whats up (also because I love new things). I really have to stop myself from buying products I do not need but if I could, I would buy all these products.

REVIEW: Bondi Sands - Self Tanning Foam in Light to Medium & Tanning Mitt

& Self Tanning Mitt - $9.99AUD

I prepared this post quite a while ago and haven't gotten around to posting it because I never got good shots of before and after. I have fake tanned a few times and the process is extremely easy, pretty much fool proof. 


Enjoy my very low quality, short as vlog from schoolies. I don't know if I will keep this up as I literally hate the quality and the final turn out of it, but oh wells. Enjoy it while this lasts


Bookmark the page, save the cheat sheet and print it out for future reference. Keep yo skin healthy and your looks A+ by ensuring your products are at its peak quality. 

REVIEW: Chi Chi Eyebrow Pomade

When I found out about this product being released I was so keen. I like Chi Chi's brow pencil but it was beeswax it in so I am no longer buying it, but since this is also vegan friendly I was so happy and purchased it from Target for RRP $14.95. It is an apparent dupe for the Anatasia Beverley Hills Brow Pomade, I have never used that product myself but if you are after any reviews that compare the two here is one I really like.  


Literally have become obsessed. Cotton On isn't providing the goods as of late and Boohoo is my new favourite.