Literally have become obsessed. Cotton On isn't providing the goods as of late and Boohoo is my new favourite.

Katie Double Horn Necklace - $6.00AUD
I have literally been looking everywhere for a Cornicello necklace for a reasonable price and is fashionable. Just need something to get the bad vibe away.

Paisley Print Bandana in Navy - $4.00AUD

Silvia Check Strappy Swing Dress - $8.00AUD
I feel I need to get into wearing dresses more, and this is pretty cute. The built in slip is a bit short, it can't cover my butt properly but I will just have to wear shapewear black underwear when I wear this so it's all g.

Vivy Off Shoulder Box Pleat Midi Skirt Co-Ord Set - $28.00AUD (Not Pictured above but inserted on the side)
This is the cutest co-ord set ever and I need to wear something for Graduation Dinner. My mum wasn't keen on it at first but she realised how cute it is when I tried it on.