My Planner For 2016

I started watching planner videos for the past few months and considering now that I am out of high school and I no longer have a good quality planner that my school use to provide me, I needed to shop for a new one. I was very interested in the Erin Condern Life Planner and I was willing to fork out the $50 for the planner (and what shipping was added on), and even buy little stickers on Etsy. But recently I found this filofax/kikki.k (don't know what its properly called) type planner at Kmart for $12!

The planner came with:
  • sticky note dashboard
  • a ruler bookmark
  • a pen inside the pen holder
  • three pages of stickers
  • slots on the left side of the planner
  • dividers (monthly view, weekly view, birthdays, addresses, places to go, to do list which is normal lined paper, and expenses which is not included as I took it out).
  • a pocket etc. 

Besides the silly flaw that Wednesday is spelt incorrectly on every page of the weekly view, I didn't even notice it at first until I saw someone comment about it on a Kmart instagram page.

I cut little triangles on the bookmark so I was easily able to remove the bookmark from week to week without having to open up the binding. I will admit the binding isn't completely tight and opens up a bit, so if you were interested in getting this I would highly suggest inspecting the quality of the planner and ensuring everything is included, intact and not damaged. As I work at Kmart I know for sure that people can muck around with products and remove things or damage it and sometimes we can't get to the product and take it off the shelf in time and an unfortunate soul will purchase a damaged product.  

For the price of this planner it is literally the best thing ever! Considering Kikki.K and other companies sell these planners and their inserts for $60+, this is a small fraction of the price and is still great quality. With a bit of research and looking online you can make or download printables and customise your planner to how you want. 

I might do a post next year sometime to follow up how I use the planner. I am worried as this is tiny and my writing is huge in comparison to the lines and pages.

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